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    QLiving delivers beautifully designed modern furniture, with outstanding attention to detail, at fair prices.

    The idea behind QLiving came together on an adventure north of the Arctic Circle. Four software engineers, inspired by the beauty and challenged by the unfamiliarity of the environment resolved to radically change the way that people shop for furniture. The founders and furniture industry outsiders laid the foundations of a new kind of furniture company — a company founded on a shared appreciation of simplicity and efficiency.

    The Lifestyle

    Be Direct

    Peel back unnecessary layers and eliminate inefficiency. We aim to draw the straightest possible line between two points.

    Be Better

    The way things have always been done isn’t the way things should always be done. Challenge the status quo and strive for constant improvement.

    Be Generous

    The best way to be happy is to help make those around you happy. Optimize for delight, not just profit.

    Be Genuine

    We value sincerity and authenticity. The people behind QLiving are real people that want to make the world a more comfortable place to live in without throwing in unnecessary costs.

    Be Adventurous

    We are optimistic about the future, and know that to get there we will need to try things that haven’t been tried before.

    QLiving in real life


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